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Call to protect local heritage – 104 Caroline St, South Yarra – Have Your Say

It’s clear that 104 Caroline St South Yarra is at risk of “redevelopment”. Recent heritage advice by architect, Nigel Lewis said that:

This advice addresses the cultural heritage values of the north-east wing of the subject property. I have established that it is a significant interwar structure, and that it was not built in 1961 as suggested by Anita Brady in her July 2020 Heritage Impact Statement.
It is my opinion that this wing should not be demolished, as this will have an extremely adverse impact on the heritage values of this property, and the site context. This wing should be retained in any redevelopment of the site.
104 Caroline Street is a town house designed by Marcus Martin in 1927 for Dr. George and Mrs Elsie Scott.
It has a very important relationship with the adjoining highly significant Tristan Buesst townhouse at 102 Caroline Street, also designed by Marcus Martin. 102 Caroline Street is one of the most important Marcus Martin houses and possibly the most intact. 104 Caroline Street also has a very significant heritage context with the 1840s Avoca coach house located opposite.”
Read the full report here.

Have your say on the protection of local heritage.

Have your say on the protection of local heritage