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42 new & increased taxes and counting

Since November 2014, the Andrews Labor Government has now imposed 42 new or increased taxes and charges including:

  1. A new stamp duty on property transfers between spouses (2017-18)
  2. An increased stamp duty on new cars (2017-18)
  3. A new stamp duty on off-the-plan purchasers (2017-18)
  4. A new so-called ‘vacant home’ tax (2017-18)
  5. Widening of vacant residential land tax to uninhabitable properties (2019-20)
  6. Retrospective increase in insurance duty for overseas-based insurers (2019-20)
  7. A new annual property valuation to increase land tax
  8. Cladding rectification tax (2019/20)
  9. Environment Mitigation Levy
  10. Increased luxury car tax (2019-20)
  11. Increased land tax for homes with contiguous blocks on a separate title (2019-20)
  12. Increased Fire Services Property Levy (2015-16)
  13. Increased Fire Services Property Levy (2019-20)
  14. A new point of consumption gambling tax
  15. A tripling of brown coal royalties (2016-17)
  16. Gold mining royalties (2019-20)
  17. A new tax on Uber and taxi fares. (2016-17 Update)
  18. A new corporate restructure duty (2019-20)
  19. Increased foreign stamp duty (2019-20)
  20. Increased foreign stamp duty (2016-17)
  21. Introduced foreign stamp duty 2015-16)
  22. Increased absentee landowner surcharge for foreigner property (2019-20)
  23. Increased absentee landowner surcharge for foreigner property (2016-17)
  24. Increased absentee landowner surcharge for foreigner property (2015-16))
  25. A new city access tax for West Gate Tunnel
  26. A new ‘on-dock rail’ charge on imported shipping containers
  27. Increase to the Municipal and Industrial Landfill Levy (‘bin tax’)
  28. Road Occupation Charge on construction companies
  29. Number plate tax
  30. Electric Vehicle tax
  31. A new affordable housing tax (windfall gain tax on rezoned land)
  32. Increased land tax on taxable landholdings above $1.8 million
  33. Increased stamp duty on property transactions
  34. Expanded point of consumption tax on gambling to keno
  35. 10 per cent increase to Victorian Government penalty units
  36. Expanded land tax on gender-exclusive clubs
  37. Mental health payroll tax surcharge
  38. Increased wagering and betting tax
  39. Increased Fire Services Property Levy (2021-22)
  40. 50 per cent increase to Births, Deaths and Marriages fees
  41. A new family homes tax (social and affordable housing tax) – temporarily withdrawn but to be reintroduced should Labor win the 2022 State Election
  42. Proposed levy on employers to fund 5 days sick leave for casual employees – initially a government-funded trial to be followed up with a new tax after 2 years