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Save the South East Green Wedge Parkland – Have your say!


  • The Andrews Labor Government has proceeded with early works for its “Suburban Rail Loop” including intrusive proposed stabling yards in Heatherton near Old Dandenong Road and Kingston Road without: (i) a business case; (ii) a full Environmental Effects Statement and where the cost is unknown but likely more than $100 billion for the completion of the proposed works;
  • The planned stabling yards will be built in Green Wedge land protected by planning instruments in place for many decades, long-standing protections, that Daniel Andrews has announced he will override;
  • The proposed stabling yards site is integral to the Kingston City Council plan for a “Chain of Parks” as part of the Sandbelt Open Space Strategy and further that the “Chain of Parks” plan will be compromised by the Victorian Government’s stabling plan;
  • The long-standing plan for the site upon which Daniel Andrews’ proposed train stabling is intended was to provide regional and state-wide sporting facilities which include hockey, baseball, Australian Rules Football, cricket and soccer – these will now be compromised;
  • Enhanced regional sporting facilities are badly needed and, in particular, the planned regional sports centre would be supported by the municipalities of Bayside, Kingston & Glen Eira;
  • There has been inadequate investigation of alternate sites for train stabling because much of the process has lacked transparency and has been hidden behind a veil of confidentiality, eliminating genuine community consultation; and
  • Local Labor MPs have for decades supported the retention of the Green Wedge and a creation of the “Chain of Parks” but these same MPs have recently been silent, failing to support the protection of Green Wedges, the ‘Chain of Parks” or the regional sporting facilities.
Save the Heatherton Parklands - Have Your Say