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Southern Metropolitan Region Community Newsletter June / July 2020

This important community newsletter was printed in June this year and distribution has occurred over recent days.

Since my recent newsletter went to print –

Daniel Andrews’ mismanagement of the Cedar Meats COVID-19 cluster and Victoria’s hotel quarantine program has seen cases soar and metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire returned to hard lock down for a further period of six weeks, the rest of the nation shut it borders to Victorians and the announcement by the Commonwealth Government of an inquiry into the management of hotel quarantine programs across the country.

It is apparent from the number of new COVID infections across the country, that the pandemic has been acutely mismanaged in Victoria and, despite this, Daniel Andrews refuses to accept responsibility or even apologise, instead blaming ordinary Victorians for the second wave of COVID infections sweeping Melbourne.

Businesses, large and small, who struggled to survive the first lock down, face an even more uncertain future while parents face another long period of home schooling and the reintroduction of fees for child care if they cannot work from home.  Many of our fellow citizens will struggle and, tragically, some will even lose their lives.  I am sure you are familiar with media coverage of the extremely poor management of Victoria’s hotel quarantine program, just as I am sure you resent the consequences for yourselves and your fellow Victorians.

Please do your best to stay safe and well.

David Davis MP July 2020