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Save Our Stations – Sign the Petition

A December 2nd media release by Daniel Andrews was the first anyone had heard of Labor’s plans to “consolidate” Surrey Hills Station (opened in 1883) and Mont Albert Station (opened in 1890) into a single station to be located some 150 metres from the current Surrey Hills Station and some 400 metres from the current Mont Albert Station.

Almost everyone agrees that removing level crossings is a good thing, but is dishonestly trashing our local history, our special village atmosphere and our local traders really necessary? Or is it just the cheapest option to make us walk even further to catch the train?

Labor plans for construction on the “consolidated” station to start in mid-2021, with major works to begin in 2022, so the damage will be done and our local history will be gone forever before we get to vote in the next State Election.

Want to keep our stations? Let Daniel Andrews know by signing the petition.

Save Mont Albert Station