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Axe Andrews – Have your say

Victoria’s second wave of COVID-19 infections is the direct responsibility of the State Government, led by Premier Andrews, with 99% of second wave cases directly linked to the failure of its hotel quarantine program, a failure unique to Australian jurisdictions.  Victoria’s hopelessly inadequate contact tracing system was unable to manage the second wave of infections which, again unique in Australia to Victoria, included out of control infections among health and aged care workers largely due to inadequate and insufficient personal protective equipment.  Premier Andrews response was to punish ordinary Victorians for his own hotel quarantine, contract tracing and health worker failings, locking us in our homes for 23 hours a day for an extended period and imposing an unfair and unwarranted curfew that was not recommended by the Chief Health Officer nor by Victoria Police, who say they were not even consulted.

With so many businesses having failed, so much damage to the Victorian economy and so many Victorians having lost their jobs as a result of his botched COVID response, should Andrews keep his?

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Axe Andrews