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This week in Parliament – Lift the curfew & listing a motion of no confidence

The resolution I moved was carried indicating the Chamber’s view that the curfew was not grounded on health or policing advice. Victoria’s Upper House has called for Daniel Andrews’ curfew to be lifted immediately. The Chamber has also called for Daniel Andrews’ secret documents on the curfew to be delivered to […]

Top bureaucrat slams Andrews for his incompetent & draconian handling of Victoria’s COVID lockdown

Sanjeev Sabhlok, an economist with the Victorian Department of Finance and Treasury has resigned and blasted Daniel Andrews and his government’s mishandling of the pandemic and the “police state” imposed on Victorians. Listen to his interview with Neil Mitchell on 3AW here.

Lift Andrews’ Curfew Now!

Labor’s curfew is not based on health evidence nor on a request from the police.  It appears to be dreamed up by Daniel Andrews in his bunker at 1 Treasury Place.  He’s out of touch. Next week, in the Upper House, I will move this motion: That this House (1)          […]

Axe Andrews – Have your say

Victoria’s second wave of COVID-19 infections is the direct responsibility of the State Government, led by Premier Andrews, with 99% of second wave cases directly linked to the failure of its hotel quarantine program, a failure unique to Australian jurisdictions.  Victoria’s hopelessly inadequate contact tracing system was unable to manage […]

The Week In Review

A week when Andrews and Labor forced through their six month extension of special emergency powers – a massive grab for power. See video here.

Labor and cross bench lackeys vote to give Andrews more lock down powers

The Greens, the Animal Justice Party and the Reason Party combined with Labor to push the Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (State of Emergency Extension and Other Matters) Bill 2020 through the Upper House yesterday.  The long sitting went deep into the night.  Labor and their cross bench mates combined […]