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My contribution to the debate on the same sex adoption bill

Mr DAVIS (Southern Metropolitan) — I rise with pleasure to speak on the Adoption Amendment (Adoption by Same-Sex Couples) Bill 2015. This is a bill brought to the house by the government, and I believe the bill has come about in a timely way. It is time in my view that same-sex […]

My contribution to the debate on my Punt road documents motion

Mr DAVIS (Southern Metropolitan) — I move: That in accordance with standing order 11.01, there be tabled in the Council by Wednesday, 20 January 2016, a copy of all documents relating to traffic flows, projections and plans produced, developed, considered or researched by VicRoads, state government departments and other state government authorities concerning Punt […]

My contribution to the debate on the governments recent rate capping Bill

Mr DAVIS (Southern Metropolitan) — I am pleased to rise and make a contribution to the debate on the Local Government Amendment (Fair Go Rates) Bill 2015. I note in the first instance that the coalition will not oppose this bill. It is important to understand some of the background to this […]

Andrews’ first Budget a body blow to local government

$38.47 million has been cut from local government funding in the Andrews Labor Government’s first Budget (Budget Paper 3, Table B.1 page 406). Without the once off $50 million funding for the ten interface councils in 2015-16, the cut to local government funding would have been $88.47 million. Page 40 […]