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Review of the Local Government Act

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

The Andrews Labor Government’s controversial new regional and metropolitan partnerships have become a matter of intense political debate.

The Minister’s extraordinary comments during her interview with Jon Faine confirm that these partnerships are an attack on local government and local communities.

Click onto the links to listen to Jon Faine’s interview with me and Lily D’Ambrosio.


Friday 18th November

The transcript of evidence given before a recent hearing of the Standing Committee on Environment and Planning’s inquiry into rate capping by the Municipal Association of Victoria and the Victorian Local Governance Association can be found here.

Media Release: Andrews’ metropolitan and regional partnerships a costly extra layer which will undermine and supplant democratic processes


Friday 22 July 2016

Daniel Andrews to strip businesses and property owners of the right to vote in council elections

Daniel Andrews is set to make an unprecedented attack on Victorian businesses and property investors by stripping them of their right to vote in local government elections, dismissing the voting rights of property owners as an “anomaly”.

This Labor plan will remove the right to vote from rental property owners, holiday home owners, business owners and lessees and the owners of commercial properties of all types.

Daniel Andrews’ intentions are made clear in Act for the future: Directions for a new Local Government Act where proposed direction 41 states “Make the entitlement to vote in a council election to be on the register of electors for the Victorian Legislative Assembly (the state roll) for an address in their municipality.”

Local businesses are directly impacted by the decisions of local government. They should have a right to contribute to what happens in their local communities.

This sinister step would remove what restraint currently exists on councils differentially jacking up business rates.

This is clearly designed to benefit left-leaning anti-business candidates and political parties like Labor and the Greens. The cost to businesses in Victoria over the longer term of more left-dominated councils with looney-left policies and local laws is incalculable and very frightening.

Victorian businesses and absentee property investors are encouraged to add their names to